Frequently Asked Questions

If I place an order today how long until I receive it?
We despatch within 24 hours and usually much sooner.

I live in the U.S.A. do you ship to me?
Yes of course!, we use Airmail Express which is completely trackable through transit and usually takes a maximum of a week.

What is the best way to contact you?
The best way to contact us is by email and weʼll get back to you within 3 hours. Weʼre still just a small company often busy doing many things at once so email is best.

I have seen an item I really want but it says ʻComing Soonʼ. When will it be back in stock?
This means that the item has temporarily sold out. We will put it back to available as soon as weʼve receive more stock, just email us and we can give you a particular date for specific items. Unless its on the sale page in which case it means its sold out completely and regrettably we wonʼt be getting any more in.

How do I redeem my discount voucher?
This is easy, all you do is proceed through the step by step ordering process adding your item(s) to basket and then proceed to checkout. Just before you add your credit card details youʼll see a ʻVoucher Redemptionʼ area. You just type in the voucher code and continue to the credit card area and youʼll get confirmation that you have redeemed your voucher and your discount will automatically be deducted.

Do you have a shop?
No, we donʼt have a physical store or shop any more. We are a completely secure online shop selling worldwide. We had a shop for the first 4 years but found that most people wanted the benefits and flexibility of buying online and so decided to continue with our 24 hour a day online store that is open to anyone in the world rather than just a small fixed store. This also helps us keep our prices down and pass on the best possible prices to you, the customer.

Is it possible to view the items?
Yes, at certain times of the year we set up a by appointment showroom in central London. Send us an email and weʼll let you know if its possible to view the collection now.

You have so many colours I find it hard to choose. My swimwear is also in vibrant colours should I try to match my swimwear exactly or choose something contrasting?
We suggest you go for brighter colours than you would normally wear. This is because on holiday its time to have fun and play around with colours. It doesnʼt matter that your bikini isnʼt exactly the same colour as your kaftan, there are no rules, except to be a bit experimental. We find that it actually looks very pretty to have a contrasting coloured bikini under a kaftan. Try it and see! If youʼre not happy remember we have a returns policy and you can exchange for another colour or have a full refund - see our terms page.

I don't have much room for packing. How can I maximise the use of my beach kaftans?
Most of our dresses are very versatile, the kaftans can be dressed up or down. By that we mean you can either throw them over a bikini and go straight from beach to restaurant or for evening you can add a pair of killer heels or sparkly flip flops to create a glamourous and exotic look. You can even dress up a kaftan dress over a pair of skinny jeans, or linen trousers. Or you can create that eternally alluring look by hitching up the dress with a belt. Also we have a beautiful new collection of silk tops that look great with a camisole underneath as well as a bikini so they also make a great combination of day or evening wear.

I'm thinking of purchasing the straw hat, but worried about it crushing when I pack it. Any tips?
Our packing tip is to fill your beach bag with soft clothing and then place the bag in the suitcase and pack everything else around it. That way you retain the shape of the bag and it doesnʼt then take up much room in your case. The same for the hat. We suggest you fill up the inside ʻcrownʼ area of the hat with soft clothing and then place it face down in your case and pack around it. This way it wonʼt move around and again will retain its shape. These items are light and easy and make all the difference for a chic holiday.